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Oral Histories PDF Print E-mail
Written by Daniel Worth   
Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Oral Histories available for purchase

($7.50each) at the Historic Park.

Date Presenter Interviewer
Jesse Lee Taylor
11/12/96 Elma Eason
First Mayor of W.R
4/11/89 Ed Anderson
Girls Softball

Betty Day
Columbia Heights School
11/12/96 Lois Anderson & Betty Day
Pioneer Women

Green Houses
3/13/84 Geo.Graul,Ray Weiland,Homer Hill
Fruitdale School
2/10/99 Jane Gardner
Charles Graul Green Houses
Jane Jefferies
Homer Hill Jr.Green Houses
3/9/99 Homer Hill Part 1
Homer Hill Jr.Green Houses
10/6 2000 Homer Hill Part 2
Homer Hill Jr.Fun & Games

Homer Hill
Homer Hill Jr Fun & Games

Homer Hill
Minnie Erickson Gray Disk 1/2
Robert Olson
Minnie Erickson Gray

Disk 2/2

Robert Olson
Carrie&Homer Pierson Bernice Binder
Dec-77 Enormous amount of History Clark Stone
Howard Bunger built First P.O.
Clark Stone
Men'sGarden Club Meeting
3141981 Delightful Tips and Poem Meade& Val Bunger
Howard Crowe
Jean Jeffieries
Fruitdale School
3/8/83 Claudia Worth
Scott Wilmore
Jean Jeffieries
Gibson Dairy
3/12/96 Jim Gibson
Elitch Gardens
Jan-99 Betty Hall
Abram Slater
3/10/81 Ruth Richardson&Carrie Pearson
At the Berbert House Meeting
8/11/83 Round Robin Discussion
Hubert&Sarah Ibbison
Clark Stone
Land Records
Bob Olsen
Everett Homesetead

Doris Ibbison
Everett House

Ruth Churchhill 10min
Yousse Family

Joe White

Visit at W.R. Museum
James White Disk 1/6
Visit at W.R. Museum
James White Disk 2/6
Visit at W.R. Museum
James White Disk 3/6

Visit at W.R. Museum
James White Disk 4/6

Visit at W.R. Museum
James White Disk 5/6

Visit at W.R. Museum
James White Disk 6/6

Visit at W.R. Museum
James White

Layout of Soddy and Property Clark Stone
Baugh House

Linda Selders
Games People Played
1980 Clark Stone& Elma Eason
Boyd Homestead

Boyd White and Winslow Clark Stone
Lewis Family History Fruitdale Area

Faith Lewis Rabell Clark Stone

Churchill Decsendent Clark Stone
Ethel Barbara Temple

Clark Stone
Sam Hill

Raised on Slater Homestead Clark Stone
Prospect Valley School

Clark Stone
Musings of an Old Lady

Charlotte Hill Whetsell
More Musings of an Old Lady

Charlotte Hill Whetsell
Wm Lee and Henry Lee Family

Elwyen Kiplinger
History of P.O.
5/11/82 Ted Erickson
Wheat Ridge Methodist Church
1980 Carrie Pearson Evelyn Van Holt
First Wheat Ridge Police Dept

Ed Pinson
Eckert Family

Tom Eckert Clark Stone
Carnations in Wheat Ridge

Wayne Pierson
Clark Stone His. Introduction Disk 1/6
Copywrite of all Disk to WRHis Soc Clark Stone
Clark Stone The Farm and Cow Disk 2/6

Clark Stone
Clark StoneBlizzard 1913 Fun Games Disk 3/6

Clark Stone
Clark Stone Moffett Tunnel Disk 4/6
Boys will Be Boys Clark Stone
Clark Stone Then&Now Disk 5/6
How Come I Lived So Long Clark Stone
Clark Stone High School & College Disk 6/6

Clark Stone
Poultry 30 min

Ruth Richardson
Norman and Liz Urton

At WRHSoc Meeting
Pierce House?

Montgomery Family

Lonnie Hauptman
Early City Attorney

6/13/89 Maurice Fox
Wheat Ridge Service Club

Begignign of Chamber
Richard Herr Landscapes

Nellie Orr
Willow Springs Store

Susan Whicher

Ester Banzahf&Mrs WebergBondPrp
First Wheat Ridge Judge

Anthony Zarlengo
Clear Creek (Fruitdale)Baptist Church

Slide Show Audio Al Frank
Juchem CD 1/3

Juchem CD 2/3

Juchem CD 3/3
Billy Barton
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